February 21, 2013

Convention Event Planning Service Guidelines

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Ensure a Great Experience by Hiring a Professional Event Planning Company

Author: Mario Stewart

Event planning requires lots of concentration on each and every aspect related to it. Event can be anything whether it is a small business party, big corporate event, celebration event or any other event. There are many aspects that need to be considered during event planning. An event requires proper planning and management otherwise it would fall flat on its face.

New York is the foremost centre for commerce and trade and highly popular tourist destination. It attracts thousands of businessmen, professionals, business executives and tourists throughout the year. New York offers lots of luxurious as well as economic hotels and restaurants to organize an event. It is considered as the most stylish and vibrant city for hosting social events, corporate events, wedding parties, fashion show, product launches, etc. Every year, lots of events held in New York therefore, an individual can easily find lots of event planners in NYC.

Event planners are the perfect solution for hosting any event. There are certain features of event planners such as:

  • Reduce your stress: A professional and experienced event planner can organize your event successfully. They have adequate staff and support to do all the necessary arrangements on the time. This will keep you stress free and you will feel relax.
  • Resource Knowledge: A perfect event planners have good resource knowledge from big to small. They have better knowledge of quality as well as price of everything related to event planning from cake to marquee. It saves your money and precious time.
  • Ideas: An experienced event planner is always come up with new and unique ideas that you never thought of. Ideas can be related to anything be it related to organizing corporate event, theme parties, dresses or decoration. Their imaginative ideas make your event a rocking hit.
  • Scheduling expertise: A professional event planner know that how much time does a florist, caterer, pastry chef and a decorator need to get ready your event. They are familiar with the other factors that can affect your event. They can make all the arrangement to overcome these factors.

You will find lots of event planning companies in New York that offer services to host your event properly in order to make your special event memorable. It is advisable that you should also supervise each and every arrangement related to your event so that you can suggest your ideas also.

If you hire a professional and experienced event planner it means that you give a straight way to your tension, problems and frustrations. Always remember that you should always hire an event planning company who make all the arrangements according to your budget.

So, when you are going to host any event or party, don’t forget to consult with a professional event planner to make your event memorable and to reduce your stress.

About the Author:

Mario Stewart has a passion to write about New York City and the event spaces, clubs, bars and restaurants in the city. He is internationally popular for providing the most apt reviews about the event planning. You may visit one of his websites to know more information about NYC event planning.

Article Source: ArticlesBase.comEnsure a Great Experience by Hiring a Professional Event Planning Company


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This afternoon was spent aboard the Lady Sandals. I can’t think of a more delightful way to spend an afternoon taking the time to really think about what makes an event great. All my inspiration comes from seeing new places, meeting new people, and exceptional life experiences.

September 24, 2010

Our Event Team

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downeast events team        We lead the Children’s Wish Exile Island event on top of Citadel Hill. In 3 hours $309,000 was raised and we granted wishes to 10 children.This is the second Exile Island for downeast and we hope the partnership continues well into the future. A tremendous charity and a truly unique and engaging fundraiser.

September 7, 2010

Exile Island at The Fort

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Cyril Lunny from BT and our 78th HighlanderWe kicked off Exile Island at The Fort today with a hilarious taping for Breakfast Television. The main event on September 23rd will be the best ever! Don’t forget to pledge for Children’s Wish. www.exileisland.ca

June 17, 2010

Its not all work.

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Event management can be a lot of hard work, but the results are amazing! And, how often do you get to have a Vanity Fair moment?

April 12, 2010

Scouting unique venues

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Citadel Hill 025It is always great to discover a unique venue. We love being able to offer our clients something really interesting and completely outside the box. Last week Claudia and I went into the ditch surrounding Citadel Hill. Prior to this field trip I must admit I was sceptical. Turns out it is fantastic, and, a perfect fit. What a great discovery and an excellent starting point for what will surely be an incredible event experience for those in attendance.

January 6, 2010

“downeast definitely elevated the social aspect of the meetings “

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“I would like to thank you for all your hard work  The service exceeded our expectations and the events planned could not have been better. downeast definitely elevated the social aspect of the meetings and we received wonderful feedback from all guests. We enjoyed working together as partners and hope we have an opportunity to work together again.”

Nancy da Rocha, Account Director,  Mark IV

December 8, 2009

5 Future Jobs – Do you Agree?

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“Meeting professionals can’t afford to leave anything out of the imagination. We hope these jobs intrigue and incite you to think more about your industry and how it’s growing. The only people who stay in the same place forever are dead. And this industry is anything but dead.”

I just read this article in Meeting Professionals International. Do you agree with the possibilities? Let me know.

December 3, 2009

Nova Centre

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As someone who works for a company that depends on the development of our city I see Halifax compete for association and corporate conference business very regularly against other destinations around the world. We are continually coming up against some of the most cultural and urbane cities. Moving forward on the Nova Centre development will enable us to achieve better positioning. There are many local industries and companies who are built on Halifax succeeding as a destination of choice, I encourage them to speak up and help push this project forward. A well thought out, new development such as the Nova Centre will certainly put Halifax at the top of the global convention map.

November 19, 2009

Trendwatching for 2010

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As an event manager who is ever cognisant of the uber importance of marketing and being in the know regarding trends and what  the public and  therefore our clients consider to be current, I consider this Trendwatching article a must read.

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